St Basil's cathedral

~St Basil's Cathedral~

The iconic Russian church is named after Basil the Blessed , a popular "holy Fool" who is buried there. A polychrome representation , in vegetable like domes,st Basil's was ordered by Ivan the Terrible after the defeat of Mongols at the battle of Kazan in 1552.the church takes the form of eight chapels surrounding a central ninth chapel in star like pattern.the whole unlikely confection rises from a stepped pedestal set above Red Square , in the center of Moscow.

کلیسای جامع St. Basil کلیسای نمادین روسی است با نمائی چند رنگ. این یک  کلیسای جامع در میدان سرخ، مسکو روسیه است که به دستور ایوان مخوف ساخته شد. این کلیسا در مرکز شهر مسکو است و بلندترین بنای اروپا تا سال ۱۶۰۰ میلادی به‌شمار می‌رفت.