Poetry Day

Poetry can change the way people view the world, inspire others, and mend the bonds between people and create harmony with one another.
However, poetry to many can be considered a dying art in a world filled with technology and more advanced ways of conveying messages of art and beauty.
promoting the teaching of poetry, as well as the publishing, writing, and reading of this form of writing around the world. 
Poetry day is designed to inspire and educate, as well as giving poets all around the world recognition for their creative brilliance! 
History of World Poetry Day
World Poetry Day was conceived during the 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999. Those at the conference had the ambition to support the growth of linguistic diversity through poetics and help in increasing awareness of endangered and dying so they can be heard.
World Poetry Day also honors poets, revives the practice of poetry recitals, and promotes poetry as a form of art that connects people to their humanity. With generations upon generations of poets and time periods to choose from, poetry can gain insight into the ideas and feelings of that time.
By also attending poetry recitals, people can experience the languages that words and emotions are spoken through and experience emotional bonds with others. 
World Poetry Day is annually celebrated by schools, organizations, libraries, and publishers all over the globe through teaching about poets, styles of poetry, and the languages that they’re read through.
Throughout the day, people host festivals, talk about their favorite poets and learn about the different ways that poetry can be written and spoken. 
How to celebrate World Poetry Day
Celebrate World Poetry Day by reading some poetry. Look up poets . 
There are lots of other exciting ways that you can celebrate World Poetry Day. Rather than reading a poem, why not watch a poetry reading? 
If you have children, World Poetry Day is the perfect opportunity for you to increase their awareness of this literary form and show them how fun and exciting poetry can be. After all, not all poems are serious! Poems can make us laugh, especially those that use clever wordplay and puns.
You can find lots of great books of poems that have been specifically designed for children. 
If World Poetry Day has got you feeling inspired, why not write your own poem? You don’t need to be the next Shakespeare to enjoy writing poetry! Whether you decide to share it with other people or keep your poems to yourself is entirely up to you. If you’re feeling at a loss, don’t worry. It can seem a bit overwhelming if you have never written a poem before! It is always good to start with a goal in mind. What are you hoping to achieve by writing the poem?
Some other types include communicating your theme, using concrete words rather than abstract words, using similes and metaphors, using images, and avoiding sentimentality and cliches.