Describe a day when you got stuck in a traffic jam

🎙Sample answer
🚗 Okay, that’s quite an easy question to answer as I live in Tehran, and Tehran is notoriously known for its horrible traffic congestions. Although the traffic police has tried to calm traffic jams in Tehran, for example, by building raised areas across roads and controlling the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, chiefly on main streets, erm as well as a set of rules for different days of the week in which there are limitations for specific areas of the city, the gridlock is still something you probably cannot avoid during rush hours.
It was actually last week that I personally got stuck in one of these bumper-to-bumper situations at a bottleneck close to my living area. I was on the way to work on a very hot summer afternoon and as usual I took a taxi. On that specific day, for whatsoever reason, the congestion was worse than ever. I was sitting behind the driver where the sun was actually shining on that side, and it was scorching hot that day and I was really nearly fainting. I was in that terrible terrible situation for about an hour and there was nothing I could do about it. 
When I arrived at my workplace, I was out of breath and exhausted. I felt extremely dehydrated and dizzy and could hardly stand on my own two feet. I sat for a while in the teachers’ room and had a glass of cold water and a piece of chocolate and then went to class.
I can’t say it often happens to me because I’m fortunate enough to be working at home more often than not for this specific reason.