Canadian thanksgiving

Since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has been a holiday in Canada on the second Monday of October. Canadian Thanksgiving is a chance for people to give thanks for fortunes in the past year, including a good harvest. 
Long before Canada celebrated thanksgiving, the native people of America held festivals and ceremonies to celebrate the completion and bounty of harvest way before European settlers and explorers arrived in what is known as Canada today. Early European thanksgivings took place in order to give thanks for some special fortune. 
A lot of thanksgivings in the 18th century occurred after noteworthy events. The custom of a yearly thanksgiving festival was first brought to Canada as a result of refugees fleeing from the civil war in the United States. From 1879, Thanksgiving Day occurred each year, yet there were different themes and it was held on a different day every year. 
 Since 1957, thanksgiving  has always occurred on the Second Monday of October.