Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice


🏨 Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice

Conversation 1

👤  I need a suggestion for a restaurant here in Manhattan.

🤵🏻 Certainly! How much are you planning to spend on dinner, sir?

👤 My date's very sophisticated, so I'm sure she would expect nothing but the best.

🤵🏻 May I suggest our own hotel restaurant? It got three stars in the latest restaurant review.

👤 No, thank you, I want to go out on the town. What other ideas do you have?

🤵🏻 There's always Gramercy Tavern. They have live jazz. The food is delicious, but very expensive.

👤 That sounds like a good place to take a date. Can you make a reservation for me?

🤵🏻 As you wish, sir. You'll have a wonderful time there.

Conversation 2

👤 Can you tell me about a nice restaurant to go to?

🤵🏻 Of course! How much would you like to spend on your meal?

👤 My date is quite sophisticated. She would expect nothing less than the best.

🤵🏻 Well, how about our own hotel restaurant? It's conveniently located and has a three-star rating.

👤 That's a good idea, except I want to go out, not stay in. Something else, maybe?

🤵🏻 Well, how about Gramercy Tavern? It's a very popular tourist spot, with great food and music.

👤 That sounds good! Could you call them to see if I can get a reservation?

🤵🏻 Of course, sir. You've made a good choice.